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How to Keep Dust from Entering Your Home

Dust can be an endless chore to deal with. Sometimes it seems that a house is endlessly capable of producing dust and grime. Though it’s impossible to eliminate all dust, there are some things you can do to mitigate the amount that is created and enters.

1. Choose Hard Flooring Types: Although they may appear dirtier than carpet, the truth is that carpets trap a large amount of dust that is impossible to entirely vacuum away. In addition, soft materials like carpet are great breeding grounds for dust mites. Most people who are allergic to dust are in fact allergic to mites.

2. Clean Your Furnace Filters and Vents: Before you crank up the furnace for a fall chill, have someone clean the vents to prevent months of settled dust from being blown out into the room. Using a filter for the air intake of the vent will pull additional dust out of the air. Just be sure to change the filters on a regular basis to keep your furnace from working too hard.

3. Wipe Your Feet: Dust and dirt get trapped in the treads of shoes, and can hitch a free ride into your home. Keep a doormat outside of the house, and encourage others to wipe their feet. Encouraging your guests to remove their shoes will eliminate quite a bit more dust as well. This goes for all house members, so remember to give Fido’s feet a good wipe before he comes in, too. If he’s a roller, consider a brush down as well.

4. Choose Your Open Windows Carefully: If you want to bring in the breeze, choose open windows that are coming from a direction with a lot of vegetation. Wind blowing over bare dirt areas can carry the top layer of soil straight through your screen and into your home. Areas well-established with plants will be able to keep the soil where it belongs, but excavations, new landscaping, and projects like pools will expose the dirt and make it vulnerable to blow inside your home.

5. Scrub: Much of the dust that is generated in the home comes from an unlikely place– the skin cells on your body. Be sure to give your family members a good scrub to slough off those external cells, and to keep well-hydrated. This will help move the dust in your home down the shower drain, and give you an added bonus of glowing skin.

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