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How to get jaw-dropping hardwood floors

Perhaps more than any other feature, hardwood floors can turn an otherwise plain house into a beautiful home. They carry more personality than carpet, and are generally easier on the eyes. Increasingly, they seem to be the norm in any new home with modern appeal. However, they’re not without their problems. While they may look nice, they’re much more prone to scuffing and staining than carpet, and typically require more upkeep as well. If you opt for hardwood, you trade looks and value for convenience, but that doesn’t mean cleaning them is impossible.

Indeed, if you follow some basic guidelines, you can keep your floors looking great.

Take preventative care

Like many of our household appliances and features, they’re bound to last longer if you regularly take care of them. For hardwood floors, this means a few simple measures. Keeping a mat in the entry way is a great idea. It reminds everyone to remove their shoes before entering, which can be especially helpful to your floors during wet weather. We all track dirt in the house whether we mean to or not, but if we remember to remove our shoes, we can significantly prolong the life of our hardwood floors.

Know what type of finish you have

Before you embark on any kind of cleaning, you should familiarize yourself with the type of floor in your house. The two major categories of hardwood are:  1. Modern or surface-sealed, or 2. Lacquered, varnished or untreated. The former is typically the easier to care for, as it’s been treated with polyurethane, and are therefore more stain resistant. The latter floor presents a few more problems because it doesn’t have the same kind of natural defenses against scuffs and water stains.

If you’re just not sure and don’t want to risk harming the floor, just call the best maid service in Wilmington DE. Forever Clean will properly and carefully clean any type of hardwood floor, ensuring that it looks fantastic and contributes to the value of your home.

Sweep / vacuum regularly

Just like any other surface, regular cleaning of hardwood is necessary. As anyone who owns hardwood floors has undoubtedly noticed, they collect specs of dirt and small piles of dust if you neglect them. If you sweep, make sure you use a soft-bristle broom to avoid scratches, especially on unfinished floors. Another option is vacuuming. Many vacuum manufacturers now include extensions alternate modes that can adequately clean the surface of hardwood without leaving marks.

Deep-clean twice a year

One mistake many homeowners make is deep-cleaning their hardwood floors more than once or twice a year. However, this can actually do more harm than good, as certain chemicals will ware out the wood. But a thorough mopping during the spring or over winter is perfectly fine. In general, using a Ph-neutral, water-based cleaner is recommended for these types of floors (keep it gentle). You never want to use bleach, ammonia, or any cleaner that will leave residue such as furniture spray or wax.