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Are You Getting Ripped Off By a Fake Cleaning Service?

A fake cleaning service kind of sounds like a bad joke, doesn’t it? I mean, if someone offers to clean your house, does it actually matter if they’re legit or not. It absolutely does.

Spring cleaning, it seems, is a more recognized holiday than Memorial Day, and it’s something we all need to do. Whether we like it or not, our hibernating habits in the winter time leave us all messy when we finally come out of our caves in April, and things can be quite overwhelming.

It’s an easy temptation, then, to think that we don’t need to spend all of that time getting organized and cleaning our nasty homes and apartments. The temptation is to make life easier and call a cleaning service.

Now, we certainly have nothing against calling one of the fine house cleaning services Maryland has to offer, of course, but you need to be careful to call the right one. And we could probably give you at least one good name for a cleaning service, but it goes far beyond just the opinion of who can really put some elbow grease into it and give you a home you’re satisfied with.

The unfortunate truth is there are people who can clean your house well, who are also going to really rip you off—and we’re not just talking about services with big price tags. We mean that there is a big market for fake spring cleaning companies that clean our your jewelry drawer much better than they can clean out your bathroom sink.

And even if a company isn’t looking to rob you blind, when you hire a cleaning company under the table, you are subjecting yourself to more than just the dangers of a compromised living area. You really aren’t saving money, because you’re actually endangering yourself to a number of factors:

Be Careful of Unlicensed Cleaners

When a cleaning company isn’t licensed or insured, it means that you’re bringing people into your home with the liability on you. They could be working under a number of different conditions, but you’re noting getting the safety of a company who has their own liability for getting hurt on the job, and you’re putting yourself in danger by being the responsible party—as well as hiring under the table, which can subject you to other potential legal risks.

There are some telltale signs that can in fact alert you to the dangers of a fake cleaning service—bad intentions or not: first, beware when they are unlisted. If they are not a listed company, they should not be trusted to properly clean your home, follow safety standards, and are a higher risk for giving your personal information away. Second, make sure that they have a registered address and phone number for their business. Finally, make sure that you prearrange prices and services. If they do not have set prices, or are difficult to try and schedule or make a deal with, they could have some poor intentions.

We hope that you have a positive Spring Cleaning experience, and we want to make sure that you stay safe. Call a cleaner like us that you can really trust, and feel organized just in time for our favorite time of year!