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5 areas of the house that you forgot to clean

Let’s be honest – our homes aren’t always catalogue-ready. While they might be tastefully organized, it’s hard to stay on top of cleaning. Most of us will take a stab at it, maybe dig a little deeper if we have enough time, but unless we make cleaning our homes a regular priority, or schedule the best house cleaning service Newark DE has to offer, our living spaces easily become messy and disorganized.

However, if you remember to tend to these easy-to-overlook areas of the home, your house will always feel clean, no matter what.


We don’t often realize how dirty the bathtub gets. Assessing its level of grime probably isn’t a number-one priority while you’re bathing. However, tubs and showers can get dirty quickly. Soap scum builds with every use of the shower, and if you have a family rotating through 2 – 3 showers per day, then the build-up can grow fast and furiously. For glass shower doors, try using a squeegee after every use. Otherwise, clean the tub at least once a week.

Kitchen sink

These days the industrial aesthetic is popular among homeowners, which means that stainless steal appliances and fixtures are in high demand. For sinks, the look is modern and cool, but having a steal or gray space to rinse and wash dishes means that you don’t always see the resulting build-up. For some, this area may have never been cleaned, as there are few signs of dirt. To keep this space clean and germ-free, make sure you wash it with any non-toxic, kitchen-appropriate cleaner on a regular basis.


Curtains and blinds obscure the appearance of windows. While they can helpfully mitigate the level of sun in your home, they also prevent you from detecting the dirt that accrues over time. Inspect just about any window that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, and you’re sure to find that it’s due for a wash. Windows don’t need to be scrubbed every week per se, but try to make them a regular part of your cleaning regimen.  

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of almost any home. They add a touch of class or perhaps an appealing rustic feel. However, many of us forget to clean them as often as we should. Unlike carpet, which clearly shows evidence of dirt and stains, these things don’t leave as much of a mark on hardwood. Sure, you can vacuum it to pick up crumbs, pet hair or any tiny but visible items that don’t belong, but to really give it a good cleanse, make sure you mop it, just as you would for tile.


Even the voracious readers among us may overlook the dust that accumulates on bookcases. They’re furniture we just don’t think to scrutinize. However, if they go neglected, bookcases can become covered in thick layers of particles. Not only does this look unsightly, it can degrade the integrity of the books’ binding and pages, as well as cause allergic reactions in your family members. Remember to incorporate bookcases into your dusting routine.